Supper Club 2020

Due to Covid-19, The Trust will not be organizing Supper Clubs groups. We look forward to the time we can get new groups together. Until then stay healthy and safe.

We think a successful Supper Club is about building community and supporting positive relationships between one another. Each supper group will consist of approximately 6-10 adults sharing in an opportunity to learn about new neighbors and/or catch up with old ones.

We are excited about the possibilities and delighted you are too!

Here are the details.

Please be sure to complete the form after you have read the following information.
We hope the questions and answers below will be helpful. You will have an
opportunity on the form to ask additional questions or make comments.
Is The I’On Trust involved in the groups?
No. We help set up the groups, then step back.
Once the groups are set, you will receive contact information for each member. We
hope that you will be in touch with one another to make arrangements.
How are the groups selected?
Based on your responses to the form, we will put groups together. This will mean groups may have anywhere from 6-10 people.
What age are these dinner groups geared towards?
These dinner groups are for adults of all ages, both married and single.
If I am married, can I sign up as an individual?
Yes. On the form, you can select whether you want to join as an individual or as a couple.
How many times a year do the groups meet?
We suggest meeting a minimum of 4 times before the end of the year. We would love it if you have the enthusiasm to meet every month but we know with summer vacations and the holidays it can be difficult to schedule each month. This is something to discuss with your group. Remember, if one month doesn’t work for you then you can always skip that month!
What if I don’t like my group?
Keep in mind that the group is only until the end of the year. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a new group in January of 2021.
Who schedules the dinners?
We hope at the end of each dinner, the group would be discussing the next possible date to meet up.
How do the dinners work?
They can work in different ways – you all get to decide:
The host can provide the entire meal while others might bring wine & an appetizers.
The host can provide the main course while other members bring the side dishes & dessert.
Everyone in the group can bring a dish for the group to share.
It could be catered.
The group could meet at a restaurant.
Do I have to attend every dinner?
Life is busy and it is often difficult to make every date. If you miss one or more of the gatherings, that is okay. In January you may wish to make a change to a group that doesn’t meet as frequently.
When are the dinners and where?
Each individual group will be in charge of setting its own schedule, location and food arrangements.
If there is one person in your group that is willing to be the point person for communications that will help stream line the organization.
I don’t feel comfortable having new people over to my place for dinner. Can I still sign up?
Ideally, each member of the group would take a turn hosting at their home. If you have a concern about hosting at your home, please don’t let that keep you from signing up. The members of your group will have the flexibility to work something out.
Where’s the form you mentioned?
We hope you will join us!
Bon Appetit,
The I’On Trust