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The mission of The I’On TRUST is to connect neighbors with their community by providing cultural and civic events and promoting volunteerism.

Inspired by the dedicated leadership of the Jacob Bond I’On family during the early years of South Carolina’s history, The I’On TRUST was founded as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Funding and Financial Support
Funding comes from real estate transfer fees built into the covenants, conditions and restrictions of the neighborhood, from the I'On Assembly Homeowners' Association, from corporate sponsorships, and from event ticket sales.

Programs include events such as concerts, the Oyster Roast, the 4th of July CelebratI’On, Halloween in the ‘Hood, Giving Lights of I’On, lectures, outdoor movies, and a Women’s Coffee.

These are designed to ensure that there is something for everyone and for every type of household, from families, to young singles and married couples, to empty nesters. In addition to these events, unique opportunities sometimes come our way, such as 2008's "Jonathan Green Night in I'On."

Trust events and activities are open to all I'On residents, and most are also open to the public. Our emphasis is on planning as many free events as possible, however a few programs do require paid admission.

Other Groups.
In addition to this "TRUST-produced" programming, we also provide funding to other groups for activities consistent with our mission. These "TRUST-supported" organizations include the Community Garden, the Community of I'On Artists, the ConservatI’On Corps of I’On, and others.

Currently, the TRUST is making a committed push in the community to involve more people as volunteers in planning and executing our programming. More volunteers means more excitement about upcoming events, and volunteering is a terrific way to get to know your neighbors. See other website pages for more information.

Last Updated February 3, 2015