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Perseverance Square Brick Engraving

Michele Wilson has offered again this year to spearhead the Brick Engraving Project at Perseverance Park for 2022. We are delighted that she continues to be enthusiastic and committed to this opportunity for neighbors.

For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful I’On tradition, the project began in 2004 and now over 500 bricks have been engraved surrounding the fountain in Perseverance Square. Names of I’On residents, dear friends, and beloved pets along with those who have made a difference in someone’s life or who have contributed to the community can be found on the bricks there.

Orders can be placed now (a special holiday gift?) through March 10th, 2022. Engraved bricks will be installed in April of 2022.

Each brick costs $35 and can be engraved with up to 3 lines, 13 characters per line.

You may place your brick order by clicking HERE.