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Grub on the Green – Food Trucks

Food Trucks are back!

Treat Yourself to a – No Cook Sunday

Sunday, February 21 on Maybank Green, McDaniel Lane side, from 4-7pm

Click on the logos below to see menus & the possibility of ordering ahead.

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Plan a pickup for home or with nice weather, a picnic in the park.

If you plan to stay for a picnic in the park please be sure to make it a safe one. Please be aware & courteous of others in the area by social distancing and wearing masks.

Thank you.

Maybank Green

Located on North Shelmore Boulevard this large green space is perfect for recreational activities, social interaction and even relaxation. Many neighbors enjoy tossing a football or just playing chasing with the kids. It’s a wonderful communal place that encourages neighbors to come together for events and activities. One of The Trust’s more popular kids events, Halloween in the Hood, takes place annually on Maybank Green.

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