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Fall Concert with Le Pumpe Gypsy Jazz Band


Celebrated Charleston guitarist Lee Barbour leads local jazz ensemble, Le Pumpe Gypsy Jazz Band.  Including bass, violin and drums, the group weaves Gypsy Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Blues, Indie Jazz and Rock into a brilliant instrumental performance. Lee Barbour has been featured in Jazz Times, Spin magazine as well as The New York Times.

  Check them out HERE for a quick preview.


Westlake Amphitheater

This beautiful open-air venue facing West Lake is located in the heart of I’On. Taking advantage of a wonderful site it is used by the community for events, performances, picnics or just walking the dog and visiting with neighbors. Located on West Shipyard the lake is surrounded by homes. You’ll find most days an number of neighbors enjoying social interaction or just a space to unwind by the water.

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